Steve Case loves God and he loves young people.  After more than 30 years of working with youth, he considers these two ingredients to be the basic qualifications for youth ministry.  He resides in Carmichael, California where he's president of Involve Youth.  He is the husband of Marit, a pastor and licensed therapist; and the father of Katie, a 23-year old marvel!

Steve is an international speaker to youth and youth leaders as he seeks to draw young people into the life of the church.  He has been a youth pastor and seminary professor.

For ministry to be intentional, Steve believes a youth leader must have a goal and philosophy supporting the programs.

 He has written many books, for youth leadership training and a CD of devotions for youth. His book Connection: How to Have a Relationship with God is a daily devotional adapted from the classic Ellen White book Steps to Christ.

In addition to reading, playing with his daughter, Katie, and entering into a variety of discussions with people, Steve loves to talk about the Valuegenesis study, perhaps because he was the co-investigator of it.  Adventist lifestyle issues are one of Steve’s specialties. You'll also discover that he's extremely interested in non-neutral environments.  If you want to know more about them, ask at your own risk!

David Turner finds his calling in sharing Jesus with kids and teens.  Growing up in the sunny islands of Trinidad and Tobago, he made a commitment to serve Jesus at the age of nineteen years old. He has embraced the numerous opportunities God has created for him to expose others to the kingdom in a variety of creative ways. David has spoken to kids and teens throughout North American Division. He understands that not every child will accept Jesus at the first opportunity to do so, not every teen will remain on the part that God has intended for them, not every young person would make wise choices and it is even for those of us- that Christ died! We have an obligation to persevere for all souls!

"We are in the people business as soul winners," he states. We have the great task, a most rewarding opportunity to use every means possible to reflect the heart of God to everyone. David is always excited to share his unique brand of children’s worship with numerous congregations as he mentors young people, and trains leaders through forums and workshops.

He lives in Maryland with his wife Leanora and daughter Danae and serves as Vice Principal at Sligo Adventist a K-8 program. David has also served as Vice Principal at Takoma Academy and teacher/instructor in the Northeastern Conference.