Carmen Cruz is a Christian artist that has been singing internationally from a very young age. She has a passion to reach young people for Jesus through the messages in her music. In her new album "Plan for Me" she wants people to know that God has a plan for us all!” She is the proud daughter of Pr. Manny and Melanie Cruz.



Cheyenne Feig is a joy to be around. As a recent addition to the PK family, she is still learning the ins and outs of ministry. Growing up in Phoenix, AZ and Collegedale, TN, she has taken an active part in Pathfinders, Prayer Conferences and Bible Camps. She has been a blessing serving on the Summer Camp Staff at Camp Yavapines in Prescott, AZ, and is now a Freshman Honors Pre-Med major at LaSierra University in Riverside, CA. She is the proud daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Tim Feig, Youth Director for Camp Ministries in the Arizona Conference



Eric Penick is the Associate Youth Director at Southeastern California Conference (SECC). His responsibilities include Jr. High, Senior Youth, and Young Adult Ministries. He is also the Director for Men’s and Single Adult Ministries. After he graduated from Andrews University, he was called to minister to the young people of SECC as a youth pastor in the local churches and later on to serve at the Conference Office. Pastor P, as he is fondly referred to, loves God, but more importantly is loved by God. He is passionate about sharing that love with young people and helping them come to the realization of how transforming and life changing it is. He resides in Murrieta, CA with his wife Tanisha Penick and their two children, three year old Eric Elijah and one year old Alyssa.



Armando Miranda was born and raised in Mexico in a pastor's home. Growing up he enjoyed everything that had to do with Club ministries (Adventurers, Pathfinders and Master Guides) and enjoyed playing sports as much as possible. He has experienced living under the pressure of being a pastor's kid and knows the perils and blessings of being a PK. While studying to become a pastor himself at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, TX, he experienced Jesus in a different way for the first time. This experience showed him that Jesus was more than just someone who he just knew about, but Jesus was someone that cared for him and wanted to be closer to him. Currently he pastors in Texas and enjoys working with youth and young adults. He has been married to Karen for the past 11 years and they have 2 pk's: Samuel and Andre. Armando recently was elected as the new North American Division Associate Youth Director for Youth/Young Adult Ministries.