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Super Seminars

These 75 minute sessions are packed with highly distilled insights on ministry. Multiple presenters, representing many aspects of a timely topic, share out of their wheelhouse of ministry. Because each presenter will have only a limited time to share, the cream of their experience floats to the top in these fast paced presentations.

Since the super seminars will take place in large venues, they will accommodate all who are interested in the topic. Registered CALLED attendees will not be required to pre-register to attend a super seminar.  

Here are some of the topics:

  • Transformational Preaching: Deliver Your Best Every Week

  • Social Justice in Adventism: A Part of Our Prophetic Calling?

  • Leading Your Church Through Conflict

  • The Art of Executing Strategy: Bringing Vision to Life

  • Essential Pastoral Intelligences for Ministry

  • Mentoring: Optimizing the Mentor-Mentee Realtionship in Internship

  • The Challenge: Reaching People Born in North America

  • Growing Young Adventists

Those interested in more in depth presentations from individual speakers should consider attending a regular seminar. Because the rooms are smaller for the regular seminar, pre-registration is required.