Are you interested in volunteering at the CALLED Convention?


You’ll be an integral part of what takes place at the convention and your service will be witnessed and appreciated by many. With your partnership we can make this an experience which our pastoral families will cherish for a long time.

Here’s the benefits that volunteers will receive: 

  • rebate of their registration fees

  • a behind-the-scenes, close-up look at the workings of the convention

  • serve alongside our team of ministerial directors and presenters

  • celebrate as a valuable part of what God is doing for and through the volunteers

How to Apply to be a volunteer:

  1. Go to Attendee Registration site: (Link will be available after June 21, 2019)

  2. During the online registration you will have an opportunity to apply to become a volunteer and select your area of interest

  3. Be willing to complete at least 15 hours of volunteer service

  4. Volunteer Leader will send notification of acceptance to a limited number of qualified applicants.

  5. Two months before the convention, volunteer will receive their assignment(s).

  6. Two weeks before the convention, volunteers will have their assignment schedule.

  7. Volunteers are required to attend orientation on Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

Instructions for Volunteers

Thank you for being willing to serve as a volunteer for the 2015 North American Division Pastors Family Convention. You will be an integral part in what takes place at the convention and your service will be witnessed and appreciated by many. It will also give you an opportunity to make this first-of-a-kind convention an experience our pastoral families won’t forget.  Our volunteer theme and approach can best be summed up by the E. G. White quote below.

“The life that will be preserved is the life that is freely given in service to God and man.”
Ellen G. White, Volunteering...101 Ways You Can Improve the World and Your Life, Douglas M. Lawson, PhD, 1998

A   Four Categories of Volunteers

Please carefully read the points outlined re: registration fee, qualifications and benefits to determine in which category you belong. If you wish to access the Volunteer Form for your category, go directly to B section below.

1.    Youth Sessions (during each of the youth sessions)
Registration fee:  None
Criteria for Service:
a)  work in the designated youth sessions under the direction of the NAD Youth Director during each of their  
     scheduled programs and activities

b)  produce a certificate of proof of completion of Shield the Vulnerable screening dated no earlier than
     August 1, 2014
c)  complete and submit a Volunteer Form
d)  must attend the volunteers training and orientation

a)  Registration provided which will include the noon meals
b)  Shared accommodation and food or per diem provided for those not residing in the Austin area during the time
     of the event and during the training/orientation time

2.    Religion/Theology/Seminary Students and their Spouses (minimum of 8 hours):
Registration fee:  $99 per person
Criteria for Service:
a)  one of the spouses is enrolled in a seminary or university theology/religion accredited program
b)  agree to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours during the June 28-July 1 convention 
      i)  in the pastors’ meetings – for the religion/theology/seminary student
      ii) in the spouses’ meetings – for the spouses of the religion/theology/seminary students
c)  is responsible for accommodation and food expenses
d)  complete and submit electronically a Volunteer Form
e)  attend the volunteers orientation  

a)  reduced registration cost
b)  two meals and free gift giveaways  
3.  College Age/Adult PKs
      Registration fee:  $99 per person
      Criteria for Service:
      a)  agrees to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours during the convention in the program of their choice or where
           they are most needed
      b)  if they work with the Children’s or Youth programs they must produce a certificate from Shield the
screening dated after July 31, 2014
      c)  complete and submit electronically a Volunteer Form  
      d)  they (or their parents) will provide their own accommodation and food other than the two lunch meals
           provided in the registration
      e)  attend the volunteers orientation session 

      a)  reduced registration and two lunch meals
      b)  opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the youth or children and to connect with other PKs their age

4.  Registered Pastors and Spouses     

     Registration: Regular rates advertised on the Convention website and Advent Source (sorry no discount)
     Criteria for Service:  
     a)  agree to volunteer a few hours during the convention – the pastors at the pastors’ meeting sessions and the
          spouses at the spouses’ meeting sessions
     b)  complete and submit electronically a Volunteer Form
     c)  attend an orientation session where applicable

     Two meals and the gift giveaways    

B   General Information for Volunteers:

  • Volunteer forms: All volunteers are required to fill out a NAD Volunteer Form in one of the three categories listed below (and above). Click on the appropriate category; complete the form, and click the Submit button to forward it to us.

1.   Youth Sessions - during each of the youth sessions

2.  Seminary/Theology/Religion Student & their Spouses - 8 hours minimum

3.  College Age/Adult PKs – 8 hours minimum

4.  Pastor & Spouse Registered Attendees – a few hours  

  • Release Waver: Once confirmed as a volunteer, you will receive an email with a release waiver. Complete and sign the waiver and bring it with you on the day that you are confirmed to serve.

  • Orientation: After you are confirmed as a volunteer, you will receive notification of the date, time and location of when and where your volunteer work will take place. Since we want all volunteers to have a safe, positive and productive experience at the convention, we ask that you attend a volunteer orientation. The details of the scheduled orientation will be sent to you.

  • Appropriate Clothing: Volunteers will be provided with a volunteer vest that must be worn during their volunteer service time. The vest must be returned back to the volunteer office after service is completed. Ladies can wear slacks (not tight fitting) or skirts, which must be knee length or longer. Men can wear casual dress clothes like a polo shirt and slacks, etc.