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As pastors, we represent variations of every aspect of life. Some are extraverts, some introverts. Some do traditional visitation and enjoy sitting in homes with people for hours, while others spend hours finding creative alternatives to traditional visitation. Some love meetings, while others love community service. But there is one reality that has come to exist in the lives of every pastor. This reality is a thread that runs through every church in the world. It cannot be escaped no matter where you do ministry today. Technology. 

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The average person spends over 11 hours a day looking at a screen.[1]That is a serious amount of time. From young to old, without exception, technology has been embraced in different forms and it affects our lives. The question now is, what do we do about it?

 We want to embrace the idea that technology is here to stay and provide pastors everywhere the tools to begin using it. The Ministry Tech Lab is a place where your needs will be met and your questions answered. No matter your skill level, there will be something that you have never heard of with practical steps to begin using it.

Genius Crew – The Snapshot

Roaming the main floor of the Ministry Tech Lab will be a crew of Genius’. They will be positioned to provide a wide introduction to 3 main areas: Mobile, Production, and Web Tools. These groups will introduce you to apps, websites, microphones, cameras, podcasts, switchers, streamers, and everything else you can imagine. This station is an introduction to the existence of helpful technology for use in ministry.

 Ted Talks – The DIY

Every moment that the exhibits are allowed to be open, we will have Ted style presentations that demo some of the most widely used or should be used tech available for ministry. There is no way to cover everything, so this list has been synthesized to introduce and explore the basics of using different tech in your local context. From Google Apps to the Envato platform to live streaming, this is the time to learn the basics of getting started.

 Geek Squad – The Masterclass

A special side area will be available for signing up to speak with one of 3 technologically savvy Adventist Geeks. Ideally, these will be Adventist pastors who will work one on one with pastors wanting to take a look at their specific context and formulate a plan to begin using tech or take the next step with tech. These Geeks will leave you feeling confident with a plan for making tech moves in 2020.

Whatever your heart’s desires, there will be something for you at the Ministry Tech Lab. Come by and see us!

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[1]Nielsen Company. Market Watch. People spend most of their waking hours staring at screens.