*Registration Deadline for the Evangelism Shark Tank Application is:

May 28, 2015

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists
Ministerial Convention - Austin, Texas

Evangelism Shark Tank
June 28-30, 2015


1. Fifteen Evangelism Shark Tank proposals will be chosen, out of all the applications, by the Evangelism Shark Tank planning team. There will be five participants each night, for the 3 nights of the convention (June 28, 29, 30), each participant will receive an award:

1st Place: $20,000.00 (3 prizes)

2nd Place: $10,000.00 (3 prizes)

3rd Place: $5,000.00 (3 prizes)

4th Place: $3,000.00 (3 prizes)

5th Place: $2,000.00 (3 prizes)


2. Church members and the surrounding community must experience Jesus and a close relationship with Him through this initiative.

3. Community transformation must be an objective, something must happen outside the four walls of the church. Consultation with community leaders about the needs of the people around the church will be a big plus. 

4. Your church must demonstrate how congregational life will be enriched with this initiative.  (Internal value).

5. Your church must demonstrate how the local community will be enriched with this initiative.  (External value). This initiative must create an opportunity for great relationships between church members and the community.

6. Your church must demonstrate you have the vision, prayer life, organization, budget assessment, church board support, and human resources for your initiative (see application form).

7. This project must be something new or renewed for the Pastor and the congregation. Priority will be given to new/innovative ideas that can be replicated in other congregations.

8. Checks will be presented to the Pastors during the Closing Program on Wednesday, July 1, 2015; checks will be written to the Church; funds are only for the specific use of the proposed/winning initiative.

9. Pastor who applies to participate must be registered for the NAD Ministerial Convention. 

10. Participating Pastors must present the initiative in person to the Evangelism Shark Tank Panel and audience during the NAD Ministerial Convention.

11. The NAD Ministerial (Evangelism) Department will follow up with the winning Pastors and churches as they implement the initiatives.  The initiatives will be published and followed so other churches can duplicate them in their context.

*Registration Deadline for the Evangelism Shark Tank Application is:

May 28, 2015



The Evangelism Shark Tank is not designed to fund: salaries, stipends, major equipment purchases, building funds, on-line platforms, or web services.