Why You Should Be an Exhibitor

Pastors have primary decision-making ability on most purchases and high influence in everything else. Pastors crave relevant resources. One of the primary reasons pastors attend CALLED is they are looking for vendors who can supply solutions to their needs. They want to meet you and see what you can do for them. 

Nothing is better than one on one face to face communication with pastors. In the Resource Hall you will be able to listen to find out what needs pastors have, and share with them directly your solutions. The Resource Hall is conveniently located adjacent to the Rupp Arena so attendees can easily find your booth. The schedule allows for lots of ‘down time’ from programming so that pastors will have plenty of time to visit your booth without having to miss out on a meeting. There are a variety of size, configurations and placement of booths in the Resource Hall. Here are some of your choices:

$1,095 10’ x 10’ Booth

$1,395 10’ x 10’ Premium Booth

$1,995 10’ x 20’ Booth

$2,295 10’ x 20’ Premium Booth

$2,795 10’ x 30’ Booth

$3,495 10’ x 40’ Booth

$5,195 20’ x 20’ Premium Quad Island Booth (Limited)

Contact AdventSource to Reserve Your Booth

Note: All Sponsors automatically receive an exhibition booth sized according to the sponsorship level at no extra charge. When you sign up to become a sponsor we will take care of getting your booth for you.