Why you should be a sponsor/secure a booth?

The CALLED Pastors Family Convention is the singular event where almost all of the pastors and Volunteer Lay Pastors of Seventh-day Adventist churches will be present.

In 2015 attendance was about 5,000. By all reviews, the 2015 was a spectacular success. CALLED convention has tremendous brand value among pastors and we expect the numbers to approach 7,000 in 2020. 

Pastors have primary decision-making ability on most purchases and high influence in everything else.

Pastors crave relevant resources. One of the primary reasons pastors attend CALLED is they are looking for vendors who can supply solutions to their needs. They want to meet you and see what you can do for them. 

With sponsorship you will have the ability to connect with pastors in our marketing campaign before the event, at the event itself, and you will be able to follow up after the event with our follow up communication. 

You will have the satisfaction that you helped increase the effectiveness of pastors by underwriting the CALLED family convention. 


Sponsorship Opportunities

Soon a Price Sheet will be available for Download here

If it is important that pastors know your brand by name, we have multiple opportunities for sponsorship which will allow every pastor to know your brand by the time they leave the convention.  


            You can place your fliers on the seats in the Arena 

            You can place your fliers on the dining tables

CALLED Compass App

We’re going all green this year so attendees will be find the CALLED Compass app the place to go for all things about the convention. This gives you several ways to get your products and services before the eyes of the pastors. 

Splash Page--Every attendee sees the Splash Page – a full-screen visual that appears for up to 5 second, free from distraction.

Banner Ads--Measurable rotating banner ads appear at the top of the app screen and link to content within the app or to outside URLs. Impressions and taps are tracked for measurable ROI.

Sponsor Profiles & Exhibitor Profiles--Provide an interactive experience for attendees to learn more about each exhibitor and sponsor at the event.

Custom Icons--Increase attendee awareness and engagement with preferred vendors.

Push Notifications—Send a message directly to all of the attendees to let them know if you have a special event, drawing or limited time offer. 


The plenary sessions will be held in the Rupp Basketball Arena. The arena is transformed into concert hall with stadium and floor seating surrounding the main stage. There is a giant LED advertising strip that circles the entire stadium You can feature your logo or message to be displayed during one of the main sessions.


Best Practicesemail newsletter for Adventist pastors reaches over 10,000 people with an industry high open rate. You can place a lead banner on an issue of Best Practices during the year leading up to the CALLED Convention or the year following the CALLED Convention. 

Instagram Campaign—Instagram is quickly rising in the ranks of social media and NAD Ministerial is optimizing this platform to reach pastors. We will be releasing one story a day leading up to the convention. Your product or services can be featured in one of the Instagram stories. 

Logo on CALLED Website—You can have your logo featured on the main page of this website. 


CALLED Pastors family convention will have signage everywhere at the convention site. Your logo can be featured large, medium, or regular size on all of these hundreds of signs.


Your relevant product or service for pastors can be the subject of one of the 75-minute seminars. 

 Exhibition booths in the Resource Hall

Contact AdventSource to Reserve Your Booth

Nothing is better than one on one face to face communication with pastors. At the exhibit all you will be able to listen to find out what needs pastors have, and share with them directly your solutions. The exhibit hall is conveniently adjacent to the Rupp Arena so attendees can easily find your booth. The schedule allows for lots of ‘down time’ from programming so that pastors will have plenty of time to visit your booth without having to miss out on a meeting. There are a variety of size, configurations and placement of booths in the Resource hall. Here are some of your choices:

10’ x 10’ Booth

10’ x 10’ Premium Booth

10’ x 20’ Booth

10’ x 20’ Premium Booth

10’ x 30’ Booth

10’ x 40’ Booth

20’ x 20’ Premium Quad Island Booth (Limited)