Mom and Dad!  God has given your children special gifts!  He has made them to be “unique”,  “one of a kind” there is no one quite like them!  They are His masterpiece!


2020 Called nadMinister’s Kids event theme is ‘Go Fish for Kids!’ Where kids experience and understand their spiritual gift which will help them know how they can serve God the best; and help them to be the very special people God made them to be.  Amazing I know!  But there is more!  When your children discover their spiritual gifts and how special they are, it also helps know and understand other people’s spiritual gifts, and recognize the uniqueness of others for who God made them to be. 


…the first ever North American Division wide Seventh-day Adventist Preacher's Kids Convention!

PK’s can have a spiritually privileged life, growing up in the center of church life. Yet with privilege also come challenges. Many PK’s have to deal with frequent moves, unrealistic expectations from church members and classmates, and have to share their parent with the entire congregation.  PK’s who don’t have the skills to deal with these challenges many times struggle in their spiritual development.

Imagine a safe place where your children can develop skills to thrive in the pastoral home. That is the dream for the first ever NAD wide PK convention. Your children will be safe in the hands and teachings of professional children’s ministry specialists. Through songs, stories, service, games, and group and personal activities your 3-12 year old will grow in Christ in this unique PK convention. Thank you for trusting my team with your children as they learn how to take advantage of their rich spiritual pastoral family environment, and begin to develop their own spiritual journey in healthy ways.


-- Sherri Uhrig, Director, NAD Children’s Ministries

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