NAD Pastors Teens Conference
Description of Activities

The NAD Youth Ministries office is honored to partner with the NAD Ministerial office to host the Pastors Kids Congress next year in Austin, TX. We consider this first division-wide congress an opportunity to Inspire, Challenge and Encourage PKs for God’s kingdom. This will not just be another event but an experience that each will cherish for eternity. In order to meet this goal the congress will include the following components:

  • A Committed Staff – We have assembled a staff that is very familiar with meeting the needs of pastors’ kids. They are spiritual, creative, focused and love having fun.
  • Worship Leaders – A team of young adults who are experienced in leading young people to Jesus. They are very sensitive in creating a worship experience that everyone will appreciate.
  • Dynamic Speakers – PKs will hear from their own peers. These are selected individuals who have had varied experiences as pks and are looking forward to sharing their journey.
  • Biblical Drama Presentations – This will be the highlight of each evening. Presented by a creative team of Young Adults who have been performing for several years at youth events throughout the Southwestern Union. The youth will see the bible revealed in a way that will lead to decisions for Christ or strengthens one’s relationship with Christ.
  • Element of Surprise Ice-breaker Activities – Led by Steve Case of Involved Youth, there is no time for a dull moment. The young people will definitely be moving around and tossing something.
  • Community Mission Outreach – Youth will impact the Austin Community be participating in a mission project that will encourage and sustain those in need.
  • Fun Day Excursion – Come have a splash with us at the Water Park. This will be a special time for recreation and fellowship PK-style.
  • Building a Support Network – We will use this event as an opportunity to keep pks encouraged and connected to each other. This network will be created and maintained by pks.

Carmen Cruz is one of the speakers
for the PK's Congress

Carmen Cruz is a Christian artist that has been singing internationally from a very young age.
She has a passion to reach young people for Jesus through the messages in her music.
In her new album "Plan for Me" she wants people to know that God has a plan for us all!